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Thank you for visiting Las Vegas Coupons.  When we created our Vegas Coupons site nearly a decade ago Las Vegas was booming.  At that time Hotels, Casinos, Buffets, Shows, Rental Cars, and just about every other kind of business in Las Vegas was offering a Coupon to entice Las Vegas Visitors into their establishments.  Boy have times changed with our current economic climate. There are actually very few legitimate Las Vegas Coupons that are worth pursuing.  Often chasing Vegas Coupons offers results in more frustration than reward.  Instead in the age of the Internet companies have shifted focus to “capturing your email” and directly marketing Las Vegas Deals and Las Vegas Discounts via your computer.  This is a much more effective way to get Vegas Coupons into your hands. Women with Piggy Bank

There is this feeling now that discounts are the devil… but every operator knows they must do something to get your business.  And with the Internet also exploding in growth during the past ten years it simply makes more sense to market direct to consumers via the Web and Email than to spend a lot of money in print advertising with Las Vegas Coupons Campaigns.

So yesterdays Vegas Coupon is today’s online “Special” or Las Vegas Deal.  And with a downward trend in travel spending it appears the move to direct marketing via email and websites the days of clipping coupons are behind us – unless you own a grocery store.  Las Vegas Coupons are a thing of the past, while internet deals and discounts are a thing of the present and future.  Our focus is on delivering relevant Las Vegas Deals and Promotions that are not expired… and the Internet is truly the way to make this happen.

Las Vegas Coupons Getting Harder to Find

The shift away from Vegas Coupons on paper means little to the average visitor as Vegas Deals and Las Vegas Discounts on everything from Shows to Airline Tickets to Hotels Rooms and Restaurants are still available you just have to change your thinking from coupon clipping to internet searching.  This is actually a very good thing especially with mobile phone browsing capability. Now you can choose to search from wherever  you are – yes there is an app for that!

With these changes in mind we have completed our newly updated version of Las-Vegas-Coupon to incorporate an easier to use interface which will allow us to keep you updated on promotions.  We hope you enjoy the new look and check back with us before your next Las Vegas Vacation.

So thank you for visiting Las Vegas Coupons and Deals we hope you find something that is useful to your Vacation Plan.